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05 May 2005


NAPALM DEATH's outdoor concert in Ancol Beach, Jakarta, Indonesia last weekend (April 16) was a huge success, with an attendance of over 7,000. Loyal fans came not only from the capital city of Jakarta, but also from many different cities around Indonesia, such as Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Semarang, Medan, etc. The show itself went very smoothly and there were no reports of riots or vandalism, which was in great contrast to the METALLICA's concert back then in 1993 when a massive riot exploded around the stadium and ended with the Indonesian government banning foreign heavy metal bands from performing in the country.
The local promoter said that over 3,000 tickets were sold during pre-sales and the remaining 4,000 tickets were sold at the venue box office. The long-awaited concert from the Birmingham grindcore pioneers also attracted a lot of publicity from mainstream press and national TV stations. Almost every national TV station attended the press conference a day earlier and also broadcasted footage from the concert on the morning news the following day. MTV Indonesia also ran a report on the concert, stating that "the grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH blackened Jakarta peacefully!"
NAPALM DEATH played 25 songs during their 90-minute set, including two brand-new cuts, "Silence is Deafening" and the new album's title track, "The Code is Red….Long Live the Code". The fans also showed great enthusiasm while the band performed their new songs on stage. NAPALM DEATH vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway told the audience at the end of the concert that "NAPALM DEATH will definitely come back to Indonesia and many other heavy bands from around the world should [play this country as well]"
After the concert, Barney and the band's bassist, Shane Embury, hung out with their Indonesian fans at the hotel lobby all night long, talking about the local rock scene and trading various merchandise items.
An Indonesian TV report containing video footage from NAPALM DEATH's concert in Jakarta can be viewed at Liputan6.com (Real One Player required).Check out local media reports on the NAPALM DEATH concert in Jakarta:Liputan6.comKompas.comDetik HotTembang.comJawa Pos
(Reported by Wenz Rawk from Jakarta, Indonesia)
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